The Story

Known in many countries as “Brazilian truffle”, the Brigadeiro was created as a result of a political presidential campaign in 1945.

The candidate Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, who was an Air Force brigadier general, was a very handsome man and became a big hit among the ladies in Brazil.  These ladies came up with the slogan: “Vote for Brigadeiro, who is beautiful and single”.

This group of young women, intending to support his candidacy and help him to win votes, organized events and parties to sell and distribute this chocolate candy.

Brigadeiro became the most popular sweet in Brazilian history!

Brazilians are known for their passion and love for their country.  Just like soccer, Caipirinha and Carnival, the Brigadeiro is synonymous with Brazil! Brigadeiro is more than a typical Brazilian candy; it is considered a friend for all times…

Today this traditional candy is also known as Brigadeiro Gourmet. The candy not only upgraded its own presentation with new styles of packaging but it is now blended with the purest chocolates combined with unforgettable flavors of the refined high gastronomy.